Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company Name



代表取締役 大原幹生

Seller's Address




Hours & Shop Information



Contact: The above address and phone number
Hours: AM10: 30 ~ PM7: 00 (every Thursday Closed)

Regarding your order of the Internet are accepted 24 hours.
However, it will be in regular holiday or outside office hours the next day correspondence, please understand beforehand.

About Price


Postage (displayed for each product)
※ destination is the island, in the case of use such as normal non-delivery status of UNIC does not include postage. Please note.

About Payment Billing Date



Bank transfer:
After confirming your order, please transfer your total amount of the purchase amount to the following.
As soon as possible a payment check, I ship the goods.
※ transfer fee, I hope in the customer load.

Credit card payment:
We will consider it as shipping products before the pre-settlement.

Post pay(Pay ID):

・ Convenience store: Pay on the 10th of the month following purchase: Payment service fee: 350 JPY (tax included)

・ Bank account transfer: Debited account by the 27th of the following month : Payment service fee: Free

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer commission fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

Shipping Date



◎ food and miscellaneous goods, etc.
As soon as confirmed the presence or absence of stock we will contact you the shortest delivery date.
After the cancellation of the final order, please note that basically we can not receive.

◎ furniture
Per-order production, we have gotten about 60 days production period after the final order.
Once we have your dates is the determination of the finish, we will contact you in advance, please specify your delivery desired date.
※ However, please contact us for more information because it depends on the order situation.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods




◎ food and miscellaneous goods, etc.
Returned goods by the customer convenience is not accepted.
(If there is a problem with the product, or by those trouble in shipping) to deliver the goods are faulty or damaged shipping and handling, etc. If you have such as on top of our burden, we will take the necessary procedure of exchange. Since the return destination might be different depending on the product, we will contact you prior to the return destination.

◎ furniture
Returned goods by the customer convenience is not accepted. Failure to deliver the goods, scratches, damage (If there is a problem with the product, or due to trouble in shipping) If you have any, will get in arrange your exchange.
Etc. in regard receipt of goods, please contact us beforehand in the case of returned goods, etc. because we will do the pickup arrangements.
※ If the product is returned goods without contact, and is subject to high return rate occurs, you will be asked to pay a part of the customer. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us always.

※ guest of honor image, we have careful as much as possible the original color comes out due to the environment, but to visit (display equipment and screen resolution), there may be a slight difference comes out.